February 10, 2016

“Find JOY in everything you do. Laugh, kiss strangers, dance at music shows. Always keep a bottle of champagne in your fridge for celebrating, even if you’re just celebrating getting through a Tuesday. Relax. It’s all going to be O.K.”

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1. Where do you live and how old are you?

I live in Plano, Texas and I am 26 years old.

2. Tell us a little bit about what you do for work and how you feel like it is promoting love in the world.

I’m a Yoga Instructor and Studio Manager at CorePower Yoga, Henderson. I’m also the studio’s Teacher Training Program Lead. Not only do I get the privilege to lead my community through yoga, but I get to help my students discover their strengths, passion, and joy through their Teacher Training Journey. What I do promotes love in the world by creating a safe space for personal growth, and for anyone to walk in and feel welcomed & loved. Not just for my students, but for my instructors to also feel that way every time they come in to teach. The energy of the our studio space encourages everyone to leave the heavy things at the door and enter with an open heart!

3. Why do you think it is import to be your authentic self? Can you share with us how being true to yourself has helped you succeed in life.

Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself, every one else is already taken.” When you embrace and encompass your authentic self, magic happens. You align yourself with your truth, and your truth then attracts all of the right people & opportunities that are supposed to be in your life. When you aren’t authentic to yourself, life becomes like fitting a square peg in a round hole. My life’s lessons thus far have all encouraged me to embrace my most authentic self. The more accepting I am of myself, the more I can celebrate what makes me, me! Staying true to my authentic self in my personal life and career help me succeed in making deeper connections with my students, and friends. I’m unapologetically myself, I’m colorful, I believe in glitter and unconditional love. I enter relationships both at the studio and in my life with walls down. When people witness that freedom, I think it inspires them to let down their walls and show the world their sparkle too!

4. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone if you knew that today was going to be your last day to live?

Find JOY in everything you do. Laugh until your belly hurts, kiss strangers, dance at music shows when no one else is. Love yourself now, as you are in this present moment. Hug your friends more. Always keep a bottle of champagne in your fridge for celebrating, even if you’re just celebrating getting through a Tuesday. Wear more costumes. Take more bubble baths. Be barefoot more, Look up at the stars whenever you get the chance, and most important: Relax… it’s all going to be O.K.

5. How do you feel like practicing yoga helps people get through really difficult circumstances from their past?

Yoga as a practice asks you to look inside yourself and come back to your roots. You’re on the 4 corners of your mat with nothing but your beautifully working body, your breath, a quiet mind and an open heart. There’s a parallel between moving through difficult circumstances from your past & moving through challenging poses in a flow. Yoga teaches us to wholly embrace the present moment. If you fall out of a yoga posture, getting upset or worrying about the fact that you fell never will serve your practice. What will serve your practice is getting back into the pose and continuing to focus on what’s happening presently, not two seconds ago. Just like life, we can’t hold onto things that have already happened, we can just use those lessons to help make us better, brighter, and enjoy what is happening right here, right now.

6. Favorite love quote.

Favorite love quote aka love lyric from the song “Nature Boy”. -“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return..”

7. What is one nice thing that someone did for you at some point in your life that will always stick with you?

I was 18 years old and just about to move away from my home in Las Vegas to attend college in Chicago. My parents and I were in the city attending new student orientation at Columbia College and I was terrified and completely overwhelmed. We were having breakfast one morning and I couldn’t keep back the tears any longer, I just started to cry. A woman who worked there came out of nowhere and placed a freshly baked cookie in front of me and said “you know what goes good with tears? Chocolate Chip Cookies.” At that moment I knew that I was going to be just fine in my new city. That will forever stick with me. It was just a cookie (which was delicious) but the act of it all was so loving and encouraging. I hope to be that proverbial “cookie giver” for others in this life too.


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